Minimum Viable Product as a service

Minimim Viable

Ready Instantly

Pre-built and ready to go. Hosted in the cloud and served via a global content delivery network.

Lead Generation

Accept email addresses out of the box and build up your newsletter or beta list.

Built-In Conversion Tracking

Simply connect a Google Analytics account and take advantage of built-in conversion tracking for newsletter signups, user registrations, etc.



A customizable landing page that's designed especially for startups.

Fast & Scalable Platform

Our platform is hosted on scalable cloud architecture and is optimized to be fast and reliable.


All pages and credit card transactions are served over HTTPS.


You can use your own domain at no extra cost. We don't offer domain registration, but we do make it easy to configure.

User Handling

We provide user management out of the box. Your users can sign up, sign in, or reset passwords.

Development Services

Hire us to build the MVP for your website or app

Build your startup's website and start generating leads

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